Risk analysis plays an ever increasing part in providing quotations to our customers. From experience we first identify the ideal tooling / machine combination to produce the components. Then physical characteristics of the material also play a part in deciding which route to follow and may well dictate a change of press and possibly tooling in the final analysis. Having used such a wide variety of materials in the past, we are able to readily identify the differences that can occur even within the same family of materials. The elasticity, shear resistance and shore hardness of the materialĀ  can all influence the method of manufacture and also the quality and price of the product.


Our knowledge of the areas in which our material suppliers excel and their scope of supply is important for getting the right material, in the correct format, at the right time.


The experience of our production team is vital for the completion of our customer's orders. Their familiarity with the materials, the tooling and the machines means that any slight variation during the production process is rapidly observed and corrected. Their ability to progress orders swiftly whilst maintainingĀ  the highest quality standards is a major jewel in the Bluemay Weston crown.