Auto Machines

Our high speed MABU press is ideal for high volume components from rigid materials.  This press is designed for use with materials available in coiled strip using a progression or compound tool,  which enables us to maintain a very high production rate of consistent, quality parts.

The MABU is well suited to high volume washer requirements from nylon, polyester, PTFE, and similar materials up to a thickness of 3mm, dependent on size of component and the number of impressions in the tool.

We also have auto presses designed for use with strip materials like rubber, foam, silicone, thin plastics and a whole range of other materials. These presses allow us to cut and kiss-cut components with the option of laminating adhesive to the material prior to manufacture.  The speed range of these presses and material feed systems provide greater flexibility in material processing.  Thinner plastics can be processed at a high speed,  whilst materials with less structural rigidity such as foams and silicones can be processed at a slower rate, obviating the risk of the material being stretched or deformed.  On the smaller presses we can handle strip width up to 150mm , whereas the larger presses can take up to 315mm wide.

For further information on how we can assist you with volume requirements call our Sales Team on 01769 574574, email us or complete the enquiry form.