Our warehouse is located in the centre of our new building, readily accessible from all four sides for goods-in, production, goods-out and the offices.  Although not yet fully completed it will soon be racked floor to ceiling, enabling us to increase our fast moving stock significantly.

We are always seeking ways to improve our performance and, to that end, we monitor the performance of our suppliers at goods-in, as their ability to supply to the due date affects our own ability to meet due date commitments to our customers. Any non-conforming goods are held in quarantine whilst discussions with the supplier take place.  All conforming products are duly labelled with all relevant supplier details to ensure that full traceability is maintained whilst in stock and throughout our production process.

The monitoring of supplier performance is just one of the many functions which we undertake as part of our commitment to the aerospace quality standard AS9100 Revision D, which our company is proud to hold.

Analysis of our own performance at goods-out is also very important to us and each day we collate results from the previous evening. From the results at each month end we are able to determine what percentage of orders left our warehouse on time. Knowing the answers to the questions arising from any late despatches challenges us to find solutions to maintain the high level of on-time deliveries which we expect to make to our customers.