Water Jet Cutting Machine

Offering precision cutting of components that may be small and intricate, unusually shaped or required in small quantities for proving and testing, the water jet can cope with most materials.

Most waterjet machines are designed to handle large sheets of material and commonly have bed sizes of 1.5 - 2 metres wide by 3 - 4 metres in length. This is not always cost effective when the requirement is for small components.

At Bluemay Weston our micro cutting water jet system employs three cutting heads on a bed size of only 700mm by 400mm. We can achieve very tight nesting and the kerf width (material removed) is as little as 0.15mm with water and 0.75mm with abrasive, which means minimal material wastage. This also allows a high degree of accuracy and tolerances of +/- 0.05mm are achievable. As there are virtually no sideways cutting forces, very thin or intricate sections can be cut even in thicker materials.

Plus the usual benefits of the water jet cutting process:

• Cuts almost any sheet material.

• No tooling required, just a small programming charge.

• No work induced stress on the material.

• No heat affected zones.

• No discolouration.

• Cuts highly polished and reflective materials.

• Clean finish on almost all materials. Some light burring may occur in some materials e.g. polypropylene.

• Clean and safe process.

• Simple programming.

• Very short lead times: for stock materials, small orders can be produced and shipped the same day.

• Ideal for prototyping.

Samples of close tolerance intricate parts are available immediately.

All this, the Bluemay Weston expertise and forty years experience in conventional punching and pressing of non-metallic materials means we really can 'Do It Better'.

Just make a call to our Sales Team on 01769 574574, email us or complete our enquiry form for further information.