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Please give us as much information as possible to allow us to provide you with an accurate quotation. For an idea of the information we require, see our help page.

Product Description: (Help)

Product Description

Please give us a description of the part with dimensions. For a simple washer we require O/D, I/D and thickness. For other simple parts we will require as many dimensions as you can give us.




Attach a drawing if available: (Help)


Essential for more complex components. Our preferred formats are dxf, dwg or PDF.




Tolerances: (Help)


Please give required tolerances for all dimensions.  If you do not have tolerances available we will quote to our Standard Tolerances.




Material: (Help)


The material you require the component to be manufactured from and any relevant specifications, i.e. BS or ASTM specs.




Colour Preferred (if applicable): (Help)

Colour Preferred

Some materials may be available in different colours. Sometimes these can be 'ex-stock' at our material suppliers; in some cases we may be restricted by longer lead times and minimum order quantities.




Self Adhesive Required: (Help)

One Side

Self Adhesive Backing

Self adhesive backing can be applied to MOST materials prior to manufacturing the component. We can offer low tack adhesives for use in positioning components prior to or during assembly, and also offer high tack adhesives that cure over 24 hours to give a permanent bond.




Quantity required: (Help)

Quantity Required

Knowing how many and how often you require the components will enable us to determine the most appropriate production method, tooling (if required) and material format on which to base our quotation.




Application (if known) (Help)


This will allow us to offer samples of various materials for your testing and evaluation.




When do you need to use these parts:

Additional information: (Help)

Additional Information

This  covers anything that is not included in the options above.  Is the component being used outside, therefore needs to be UV resistant? Does the component need to be oil / grease resistant? Is it being used in a food contact environment and need FDA or European Pharmacopoeia approval?  Any information you can give us will help us ensure that we can provide you with a quotation for a component that meets your requirements.



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