High Specification Rubbers

We are able to provide a range of high specification and tightly toleranced rubbers for applications that are not suited to standard commercial materials. The range includes special blends of nitrile and neoprene rubber along with FDA nitrile and FDA butyl rubbers,  Chlorobutyl and Fluoro-elastomer compounds.

Regulatory compliance is required for many applications. The materials we can offer include :

Phthalates free

Substance halogenated free

Latex free

Nitrosamines and nitrosables free

FDA Title 21, paragraph 177.260 - milk and edible oils

Heavy metals (Directive 94/62 CEE and CONEG)

BSE (Emea/410/01 rev.2)

European Pharmacopoeia 5.4, chapter 3.2.9 (Type II)

Non-cytotoxic, ISO 10993-5 and USP 29-NF24, 2006 <87>

Cosmetic directive 76/768/CEE

USP29-NF24, 2006 <381> physicochemical tests

European draft "Rubber products intended to come in contact with foodstuff" version 1 - 10.06.04 (Food simulators A/B/C/D category II)

Italy food contact D.M. 21/07/73: Food simulators A/C/D

Some of the benefits these materials can provide include:

Material thickness is tightly toleranced

Low swell in alcohol

High duro

Low extractables

Low odour

PAH free

No plasticizers

Low modulus

High modulus

Good for food contact

Good ozone resistance

No methylene chloride cracking

Non staining

Low permeability

Excellent for DME formulation

Most materials can have a self adhesive backing applied. We offer low tack adhesives for use in positioning components prior to or during assembly and also high tack adhesives that cure over twenty four hours to give a permanent bond.

Small quantities of stock material can be purchased for prototyping.

Just because a material is not listed, it does not mean it is not available. Contact our Sales Team for an immediate response about what Bluemay Weston can offer.