Vulcanised Fibre


Vulcanised fibre is a stable and homogeneous material that is nearly 100% cellulose mass free from any artificial glues, resins or binders. The mechanical properties of vulcanised fibre make it suitable for use in many industrial sectors including plumbing, heating, lighting, electrical, aviation and motorsport.


The material is good for sealing as vulcanised fibre swells immediately when exposed to water and is approved for contact with potable water of all temperature. Vulcanised fibre washers are used in taps, pipe jointing and flanges.


The electrical and isolating properties of vulcanised fibre makes it a popular choice in the electrical industries as an insulator in switches. The thinner materials offer flexibility for creating cable clamps and insulating pads.


Vulcanised Fibre Technical Data
Humidity Content 6 - 10%
Density 1.2 - 1.45 g / m3
Resistance to Heat 100° C
Elongation at rupture (yield)  
7 - 10%
8 - 12%
Resistance to traction  
10 Kg / mm2
7 Kg / mm2
Ball Pressure Hardness > 70 N / cm3
Dielectric Strength 12 kV / mm

All of the above are average test results. They should be taken as a reference only, and not as a guarantee of the actual value.


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