Nylon Washers

The crystalline nature of the material makes nylon washers durable and wear resistant.

They are often used in applications where the damping of vibration is required. They can absorb shock and noise preventing the transmission of vibration from one section to another.

Nylon washers are also resistant to a wide range of chemicals and do not corrode like most metallic washers. They do not rust when exposed to moisture.

They have a wide service temperature range from -40°C to 160°C for short periods. Nylon washers are also resistant to temperature fluctuations which makes them suitable for a wide range of engineering applications.

Nylon washers can be used as electrical and thermal insulators. This has been one of the reasons why they are used in high load sections in electrical applications, switch housing etc.

The material is also lightweight. Nylon washers are ideal for use in applications where the overall weight of a component needs to be kept to a minimum.

Nylon washers are often used in a variety of applications due to its properties:

Over the years Bluemay Weston has built up a huge bank of tooling from which it is possible to manufacture nylon washers in many thousands of size permutations.

Virtually any size up to 400mm outer diameter can be produced. Imperial, metric, BSP and non-standard washers can be provided at short notice, from one-off samples to large volume supplies. Our core strength is our ability to produce a component to your exact specification. Additionally, our manufacturing techniques allow nylon washers to be supplied with adhesive backing.

New tooling is in most cases quickly and economically available and adds little to the quoted lead time.

Whether you have standard or non-standard size or shape requirements, do make a call to our Sales Team on 01769 574574, email us or complete the enquiry form for further information.