Self-Adhesive Backed Components

Many manufacturing companies recognise the advantages of components that have a self-adhesive backing, which can be a benefit on both new and existing products. If this is an area of interest to you, call our Sales Team on 01769 574574 for further advice on the best way to achieve improvements for your products or processes. Wherever possible we provide relevant samples to assist customers with decision-making.

It is, on occasion, useful to be able to locate a component temporarily prior to or during assembly. A low tack adhesive allows the component to be repositioned until the correct location is achieved. If a more long lasting solution is required, high tack adhesive backings that cure over twenty four hours to give a permanent bond may be preferable. We also apply adhesive to both sides of a component which is beneficial in some applications.

Most materials can have a self-adhesive backing applied. If the amount of material required is small, we apply the adhesive backing in-house. For larger quantities and materials that require specialist adhesives ( i.e. silicone and PTFE ), we have the material supplied with the adhesive applied ready to process.

A release liner usually covers the adhesive until the component is ready to be used, however some components may be suitable to be supplied on a reel for ease of handling and application.

Just make a call to our Sales Team on 01769 574574, email us or complete the enquiry form for further information.