Special Shapes & Bespoke Products

Let us help you develop your next idea into a workable product without any unnecessary delays. Our experience in various methods of manufacture and non-metallic materials, coupled with our ability to respond quickly to any design changes makes us the ideal partner for new projects.


We have the capabilities to provide you with rapid prototypes,  produce a small 'proof of concept' batch and then supply the final product in the quantities needed on time for your manufacturing or assembly requirements.

Our water jet cutting machine is the ideal method to produce a prototype, in a variety of materials if required for testing.  As testing continues and minor adjustments made to the design further prototypes can be despatched on a same day basis until the component reaches the stage of final approval. A small batch of components may then be made to enable you to ensure your design works as expected.  Production runs can then be processed on the manual presses or on the auto presses depending on  the volume of components required.

Just make a call to our Sales Team on 01769 574574, email us or complete the enquiry form for further information.