Vulcanised Fibre Washers

Vulcanised fibre is a stable and homogenous material that is nearly 100% cellulose mass free from any artificial glues, resins or binders. The mechanical properties of vulcanised fibre make it suitable for use in many industrial sectors including plumbing, heating, lighting, electrical, aviation and motorsport.

The material is good for sealing as vulcanised fibre swells immediately when exposed to water and is approved for contact with potable water of all temperature. Vulcanised fibre washers are used in taps, pipe jointing and flanges.

The electrical and isolating properties of vulcanised fibre makes it a popular choice in the electrical industries as an insulator in switches. The thinner materials offer flexibility for creating cable clamps and insulating pads.

Our stock of vulcanised fibre is large with thicknesses ranging from 0.4mm thick to 3mm thick. We carry stock in both sheet and coil formats. The sheet format allows us to produce vulcanised fibre washers in small batches when a specialized size or shape is required. It also allows us to manufacture larger components from vulcanised fibre where curvature of the fibre may not be beneficial. The vulcanised fibre in coil form enables us to use our new automatic presses to produce components rapidly and in higher quantities.

Over the years Bluemay Weston has built up a huge bank of tooling from which it is possible to manufacture vulcanised fibre washers in many thousands of size permutations.

Virtually any size up to 400mm outer diameter can be produced. Imperial, metric, BSP and non-standard washers can be provided at short notice, from one-off samples to large volume supplies. Our core strength is our ability to produce a component to your exact specification. Additionally, our manufacturing techniques allow vulcanised fibre washers to be supplied with adhesive backing.

New tooling is in most cases quickly and economically available and adds little to the quoted lead time.

Whether you have standard or non-standard size or shape requirements, do make a call to our Sales Team on 01769 574574, email us or complete the enquiry form for further information.