Quality and Systems

Bluemay Weston first achieved certification of its systems to the ISO 9001 quality standard in December 2000, moving on to the more rigorous aerospace standard AS9100 Revision C (which included, but went beyond ISO 9001) as a result of the strong partnership with a customer. This aerospace certification not only satisfied the immediate needs of that customer, but also benefits all other Bluemay Weston customers. The Weston team are proud of the fact that, since the original certification in 2000, none of our external auditors have recorded any system non-conformances. In March 2018 Bluemay Weston successfully transitioned to Aerospace Standard AS9100 rev D.


Download our latest certificate here.



Quality was at the heart of The Bluemay Group even before the installation of the first computer system in the early 1980s. During the thirty year period since then a continuous stream of bespoke programmes have been commissioned.

Now the extensive and fully integrated system covers every aspect from orders and materials in, right through to the sophisticated credit and bought ledger controls. Every function automatically drives another and every keystroke entered by one of the team updates the entire database. From estimating to sales lead time analysis and machine capacity register, to order entry and progress checking, JIT purchasing and stock control, through the production manager's diary which automatically feeds the flow of work on both production and maintenance scheduling, every member of the team has access to all the information to enable them to do the job within an agreed time span. This is efficiency at the highest level and it is driven by the delivery date agreed with you, our customers.

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